Thursday, February 12, 2009


  1. 安装RAD7.0
  2. 安装Websphere Portal 6.1,设置用户名,密码
  3. 在RAD中设置portal的runtime
    1. Launch the Rational Application Developer.
    2. Select the Window -> Preferences menu item.
    3. Expand the Server preference and select Installed Runtimes.
    4. Click Next for the summary screen.
    5. Select the WebSphere Portal v5.1 tab and click Edit.
    6. In the Edit Dialog, rename the runtime server from "WebSphere Portal v5.1 Stub" to "WebSphere Portal v5.1".
    7. Change the WebSphere Portal Location and the WebSphere Application Server location to the previously installed location. The defaults are C:\Program Files\Portal51UTE\PortalServer for WebSphere Portal and C:\Program Files\Portal51UTE\AppServer for WebSphere Application Server.
    8. Click Finish and exit from Rational Application Developer.

  4. 双击启动WebSphere Portal Server进行设置,用户名,密码务必设置正确。WebSphere Portal Server,添加EAR(关闭系统中已经运行的WAS服务)
  5. 打开http://localhost:10040/wps/portal启动程序(路径信息在新建服务器时进行设置)
  6. 安装Mobile Portal Toolkit:按要求输入RAD地址,RAD共享文件地址和Test Environment将要安装的地址
  7. 重启RAD,重新配置runtime

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